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Our pilates mat class is a great way to start your weekend. Our time together will be designed to strengthen, tone, and lengthen from head to toe. Open to all levels, the class will offer appropriate modifications. Classes will be taught by Anna Honeyman. 

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*Contact Anna for more information about this class at


One-on-one training.  A totally individualized session focusing on your specific needs and goals.  The session incorporates  Pilates mat work and exercises performed on the equipment, with a Restorative Exercise influence.  Highly suggested for beginners, ideal to improve technique for seasoned clients,  perfect for those with unique fitness goals.


A full body assessment revealing the effects of the imbalances in the body.  These imbalances are determined, examined and explained.  Exercises are prescribed to realign the skeletal system and bring the body into balance.  The exercises prescribed can be practiced at home with the assistance of a few inexpensive props.


Pilates in pairs…..husband/wife, siblings, best friends, or two people at the same level of fitness.  More individualized attention than a group class.  Appointments are made according to your schedule.


A class limited to five people.  A variety of exercises systematically performed on the equipment with the end result being a full body workout.  Equipment:  Cadillac, Towers, Wunda Chairs, Reformers, Step Barrels, and a variety of props. Equipment used depends on the size of the class.

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