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I have been coming to Re-Store Pilates for almost 7 years. Previous to this I was a member of various gyms, however after an initial "honeymoon" phase my attendance would taper off and eventually stop. Re-Store Pilates is something I can stick with. Re-Store Pilates has made me stronger and more flexible so I can enjoy my other activities such as hiking, swimming and gardening.  During class, Susan is open to special requests to work a particular muscle or achey body part.  The studio has a welcoming feel both from Susan and the other class participants making it a warm and pleasant place to work-out.

On hearing I attend Pilates classes acquaintances will comment, "Pilates!  Isn't that expensive?"  I mention that classes can be purchased as a package.  In addition, the gym membership I failed to use was expensive and poor health is really expensive.

Joyce S.

​Upon moving to Ventura I was fortunate to find Re-Store Pilates and Susan, the owner.  I had a hiked hip, rotated pelvis and was recovering from atrophy in my left scapula.  With Susan’s focused and dedicated training, I now have full movement of my left arm, better toned supporting muscles and no hiked hip.  She really understands the interplay of muscles and corresponding skeleton and provides satisfying classes for all levels, with tailored movements to meet the group’s needs.  I definitely recommend Susan to recover from injuries and to keep toned.   

Judith A

II've enjoyed exercise all my life, but as I age (in my 50's) exercise is not just for enjoyment; it's a necessity!! Keeping strong, limber, balanced and in the proper alignment is essential for my health.  Susan is extremely gifted at helping me accomplish these goals. She finds the weak links in my body and helps to bring them up to par with my strong suits, and she does this without making me feel like an idiot. It's really amazing that someone so knowledgeable and capable is also so easy to be around and so "REAL".  She is constantly challenging muscles to work in different ways so they never get bored or lazy with their work. In the same way, my brain is challenged to work and achieve through what I am doing at Re-Store Pilates; things I've never learned in other studio settings.  I love it!!  And what's REALLY great is the good laughs we all have along the way.... SUCH good medicine!

Debbie H.

I have been a client of Susan Wileman's for several years. Susan is a skilled Pilates instructor and her studio is run in a professional and friendly manner. What makes Susan's studio stand out is her expert knowledge on human anatomy and how the body works. Her instruction focuses not just on rote exercises, but on proper alignment and correct form so that you are truly  exercising, stretching, and strengthening the focused area of your body. She is also happy to adapt movements to accommodate each persons ability, level or past injuries. Most recently, I fractured my patella and Susan was right on target with helping me come up with a home exercise program addressing this injury. I enjoy working with Susan very much. I have great fun in her classes and would easily recommend her to my friends.

Tina G.

I have exercised at Re-Store Pilates for over six years and have enjoyed the great variety of exercises and camaraderie there! Susan adjusts exercises to fit client needs. I have experienced great improvement in balance and core strength.  During my time there I had knee replacement surgery and I credit my added strength to my speedy recovery.

The studio is a friendly, calming place - clean and open. Whether there are two or six people in a class I feel like I get individualized attention so I know I am using the machines properly to maximize the benefits. We come to know and laugh with classmates, and the hour passes quickly as we share stories and laughs as we work.

Susan is a caring, experienced professional and Re-Store Pilates is a gem.

Judy K.

About four years ago, after a series of health issues in my mid-to late 50s, some serious, some annoying, and decades of sitting at a desk, I decided that I needed to get control over my body.  I am so lucky to have found Susan and Re-Store Pilates.  I started with an introductory package of 3 lessons at a reduced price and I was hooked.  I’m still hooked.  It doesn’t matter what’s happening in my life, unless I’m bedridden, I see Susan 3 times a week.  I had tried Pilates over the years, in large classes and learned nothing.  Susan’s personal attention (one-on-one or in classes) has taught me so much about my body.  Her knowledge of the human anatomy is so impressive!  It’s strange to look back to the days when I started taking classes with Susan, when I thought my body couldn’t do the things she asked of me. I love that I have control of my body now, and I feel healthier than when I was in my 30s. .  From a vanity perspective:  I’ve dropped from 170 to 125 pounds and my body shape has changed completely.  My ribs don’t flare and my knobby knees are gone!  Thank you, Susan.

Ann H.

I have been going to Susan's studio for many years now and highly recommend it. The studio itself is clean and welcoming and because the classes are small you really get personal attention. Susan is upbeat, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. The classes are challenging and you work on every part of your body. I really appreciate Susan and her studio Re-Store Pilates and enjoy going very much.

Barbara W.

I highly recommend Re-Store Pilates! I've been going to Re-Store for several years. I started because I was having back pain. Susan is continually helping me support my back and reduce pain. She is especially knowledgeable about the bones and muscles of the body so she is able to help target & improve painful or problem areas. Although I came mainly to help my back, I have also lost weight and toned my body!

I enjoy coming to the studio. It is clean and open with a challenging but positive atmosphere. The small class sizes allow for more attention and focus. I have received benefits from yoga, chiropractic, and physical therapy but coming to Re-Store has helped the most and is something I like to do so I feel lasting benefits!

Kristen Y.

I started with Susan after trying to walk with a friend along the Washington, DC, mall. After a short walk, my back and feet were killing me, and I asked if we could take a cab home. My friend agreed, but she recommended I look at Pilates to improve my ability to exercise. She was an instructor, but in another state so she offered to check out the instructors in my area. After checking their credentials, she recommended Susan. Three years later, I ran a 10K!

Susan systematically helped me address my alignment and fitness issues.  One day, I woke up and realized that my back no longer hurt. 

And she does this with humor, intelligence, and grace so it feels like you are having fun, not working out. Can't recommend enough!!!

Courtney L.

My husband and I decided to start Pilates because as we aged (60+) we became stiffer and had more problems with balance. I had previously taken a class with Susan at the Restorative Exercise Institute. Her class was always the fullest and she seemed to be the most knowledgeable teacher. I always looked forward to her class. Lots of good humor during our exercise sessions. I liked that. When I was looking for a Pilates studio and saw that she was the owner and instructor of Re-Store Pilates we signed up right away. Best thing we ever did. Susan is very knowledgeable about the body and the mechanics of the body and how to strengthen your core and spine. You can trust Susan. She's easy to get along with she's funny and very personable and the fact that my husband, who  dislikes any kind of formal exercise kept going back is a testimony in and of itself. If my husband can do Pilates anyone can do Pilates and you couldn't do it with a better person than Susan!

Karen C.

I started Re-Store Pilates after retiring in 2012.   I needed something else besides walking to strengthen my body.  Since going to Re-Store I am so much stronger and flexible and as an added bonus lost 30+ pounds.  I love Re-Store rather than a gym because of the intimate small classes and friendly welcoming feeling that it has.   Susan is always accommodating with scheduling my sessions and is an amazing instructor.  Her knowledge and training set her apart from other instructors.   I highly recommend Susan and Re-Store Pilates. 

Jill N.

IT WORKS!  Having been plagued with shoulder and back injuries (I’m a retired police officer) I was fast becoming sedentary.  When my wife suggested Pilates, I was a bit skeptical but I needed to do something.  The routines were fairly easy to learn and Susan never over exercised me.  I am now very comfortable with all of the equipment and routines and have not had a severe back ache in over two years.  I am back to riding my elliptical bicycle and running, actually a fast walk.  One side note, I lost 25 pounds since we started consistently participating in classes.  I would recommend Re-Store Pilates without reservation.


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